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deviation in storage by joodlez


Prototype Pokemon Badges Kanto by MeowAbout Crafts by MandyNeko
Prototype Pokemon Badges Kanto by MeowAbout Crafts
These badges were a true team effort by MeowAbout Crafts - :iconconcolor22: did the 3D modeling, molding, and casting, and I did the painting, clear coat, and photography.

About 2 years in the making, we finally have a prototype set of our Kanto (Red/Blue version) Pokemon badges complete!  These will be for sale at our artist alley table at AnimeFest 2015. After the convention in September, we will be adding these to our Etsy shop (…).
Brother from another Mother by MandyNeko
Brother from another Mother
(...because the series is called Mother, hurr hurr)

These two dolls will be featured at my artist alley table at AnimeFest (Dallas, TX) 2015. I'm so excited to have these guys finished up!  Lucas's hair was quite challenging to pattern out, but I really like the finished look.

Ness and Lucas from the Mother series/Smash Bros plush dolls created by me.

Which characters would you like to see next?
Why do they keep calling me 'Ash'? by MandyNeko
Why do they keep calling me 'Ash'?
Ness does look like he'd be right at home in the Pokemon world, doesn't he?

Misty, Ness, and Brock plushies handmade by me. I'm planning to make Red or Ash to complete the heroic trio, but not sure which would be more popular. I'm leaning toward Red because I don't care for Ash.
Working on plush dolls for an Artist Alley table at AnimeFest (Dallas, TX).  The plans right now are to make Pokemon trainers and some Smash Bros. characters.  Who would you like to see in plush form? :)
I'm attending AFest on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but not for the whole day (since we're bringing the kid along).
Costume plans:
Friday: Lady White Mage
Saturday: Cinderella (NEW!)
Sunday: not sure yet, maybe Twilight Sparkle


Mandy Nader
United States
Current Residence: The Mushroom Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: Video game music, New Age, soundtracks, 80s
Favourite style of art: I like seeing different "takes" on favorite characters, whether chibi, ultra-detailed, etc
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano 5th gen, 16GB - Purple~
Favourite cartoon character: Princess Peach, Belle, Franziska von Karma, Twilight Sparkle (sounds a lot like my cosplay list)

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Happy Bday sweety! \^o^/
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Happy Birthday. I still love your cosplays.
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Happy birthday, I hope you enjoy it.  Keep up the great cosplaying.
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I hope that you have a great birthday and keep up the wonderful cosplay! :D
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Happy B-Day ^_^
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Happy Early B-Day Mandy!
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